The Company

The Company

AZ Valves (U.K.) Ltd was founded in 1992 as sales office for U.K. and Ireland, by the same founder as AZ Benelux Special Valves B.V.

AZ Valves (U.K.) Ltd is a subsidiary of AZ Armaturen GmbH. Already for more than 40 years the products of AZ Armaturen GmbH are a reliable brand of valves. AZ Armaturen GmbH is manufacturer of non-lubricated Plug valves, Lined valves (Plug; Ball; Ball Check and Lined Filters), Sampling systems; Cross-over combinations and other associated equipment.

AZ Valves (U.K.) Ltd has established an international reputation as a specialist and advisor for many applications in the chemical, petrochemical industry and power plants. Our know-how is not only to be found in the high quality of our AZ employees and products, however also in our agreements and short delivery times.

In order to be of service worldwide we can rely on a fast growing network. Based on production- facilities in Germany, Brazil, South Africa and China and service points in i.a. The Netherlands, Singapore, China, Poland, Italy and Hungary we are able to supply any service even quicker.

Without any obligation we invite you to contact us for more information and advice. 
Telephone number +44(0)1942 834620 or use our application form.